Week One

Session I: Responsible AI And Sustainable Development 

Session II: Introduction To Sustainable Development

Session III: AI And Sustainable Development: Opportunities & Challenges

 Week Two

Session I: The Prospect of Artificial Intelligence Regarding SDGs

Session II: AI Governance as Responsible and Sustainable Innovation for and by Gen Z-ers

Session III: Responsible AI: Deep Coordination On Sustainable Development And Governance

​Session IV: How AI Transforms Healthcare, Medicine And the Pharmaceutical Industry

 Week Three

Session I: Challenges of Recommendation Algorithms: from Fairness to Autonomy

Session II: How Multimodal AI Empowers People

​Session III: How AI Changes Traditional Industries

Week Four

Session I: Ethical Opportunities and Challenges of AI


Session II: AI Commercialization and Application: How AI Helps People in Need

Session III:

1. Development-oriented Principle of Ethics in AI&Human-centric AI: AI Helps vulnerable groups


 2. Human-centric AI: AI Helps Vulnerable Groups

Week Five

Session I: AI For SDG: Pathways For Making This A Reality, With A Focus On Climate Change

Session II: Sustainable Design And Creative Thinking


Session III: AI History And How It Helps With Low-carbon Transition

Week Six

Session I: AI Innovation in Healthcare In China

Session II: Human Intelligence (HI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Coordinated Learning Simbiosis from a Healthcare Perspective

Session III: AI Entrepreneurs Advancing The SDGs

Session IV: Application - The Ultimate Mission of Technology

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