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Session I: AI Empowered Industrial Safety and Inspection

ZHAO Wanyi

Founder of Aurora Innovative Technology 
Class Introduction:

With fast advancement of robot technology and visual recognition, industrial safety and inspection start to expand its boundaries from a traditional labor-intensive sector to a multi-sector tech-intensive industry. Investment into this industry has roared since safety has become significantly important in this post-COVID19 era, including production, transportation, health and life safety.

Session II: Workshop--Embracing Diversity to Fuel Innovation

Margaret Price
Senior Principal at Microsoft

Class Introduction:
How can diversity act as a source of innovation? How can bias and exclusion be identified and mitigated? What is an approach to building equitable experiences? In this 60-minute participatory workshop session, we will explore the principles of Inclusive Design at Microsoft and walk away with an understanding of how to leverage them to create solutions that advance the Sustainable Development Goals. Join Margaret Price to explore how designing for diversity can unlock more meaningful experiences for each of us and result in better technologies for all of us.
For more information of Inclusive Design

Session III: Towards Human-centered Intelligent Manufacturing 

WANG Baicun
Research Professor at Zhejiang University,
Assistant Dean of School of Mechanical Engineering at Zhejiang University,
Deputy Director of Institute of Industrial Engineering at Zhejiang University


Class Introduction

In this talk, the evolutionary footprint of intelligent manufacturing is reviewed from the perspective of HCPS, and the implications, characteristics, technical frame, and key technologies of HCPS for intelligent manufacturing (IM) are then discussed in depth. Finally, an outlook of the major challenges of HCPS-based IM is proposed.

Quiz Time

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