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Session I: How AI Engineers from 100 Countries are Collaboratively Building Ethical and Efficient AI


Rudradeb Mitra

Founder of Omdena

Class Introduction

The lecturer will share his experience with building a collaborative platform for developing impactful AI solutions and how such a collaborative development is best suitable to solve future challenges and build ethical, efficient, and effective AI models. He will also share how this gave opportunities to over 2500 AI Engineers from 100 countries (between age 16-65) to develop, learn and grow their career as well as make an impact. Such a model also creates an inclusive world, in fact 40% of our AI engineers in the platform are females.

Finally he will share some of the interesting AI models the engineers from all over the world built with organizations like UNHCR, World Food Program, Save the Children, etc but also impact startups.

Session II: Blockchain Applications In Carbon Neutrality


LU Yang
Co-founder and CEO of VeChain Tech
Class Introduction
Mr. Lu will be sharing his career experience and professional views on technology trends, especially blockchain applications in carbon neutrality.

Disclaimer: U&AI | AI for SDGs Youth Bootcamp (U&AI Camp)advocates for openness, inclusiveness, and respect for different voices and opinions. Master classes represent personal views only and the copyright of classes belong to the lecturers. U&AI Camp does not endorse any person, company or related products, services or activities.

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