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Session I: AI for ESG: Make “Responsibility” Manageable, Measurable, Traceable, and Profitable

ZHU Shizhuo
AI Expert at Ping An Technology
Class Introduction

In this class, Dr. Zhu will introduce the global movement of ESG and the related topics. Especially, he will discuss how to treat ESG as a manageable, measurable, traceable and profitable area by using the latest AI techniques and tools. He will also briefly showcase PingAn practices.

Session II: Embodied Artificial Intelligence: Systematic Thinking and Commercialization


TAN Huan
UBTECH Robotics Co-Chief Technology Officer

Class Introduction

Creating human-level artificial intelligence is a dream of many researchers and mankind. In this course,we will discuss system approaches of implementing artificial intelligence on various physical and virtual agents and the progress of the massive commercialization of embodied artificial intelligence in different scenarios to contribute to the sustainable development of the world.

Quiz Time

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