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Session I: Challenges of recommendation algorithms: from fairness to autonomy


Carina Prunkl
Research Fellow at the Institute for Ethics in AI of Oxford University

Class Introduction

Netflix, Twitter, Google, Amazon - recommendation systems have become an integral part of online services. Yet, these systems are not without challenges. This class focusses on two major issues associated with recommendation systems: fairness and autonomy.  It goes beyond standard discussions of fairness by highlighting the importance of taking into account epistemic dimensions of fairness, namely whether and how we can detect instances of fairness. The second part of the class will focus on the issue of human autonomy and discuss whether and in what sense recommendation systems can undermine human autonomy. Finally, the class will discuss various approaches to address these issues.

Session II: How Multimodal AI Empowers People


LIU Jingjing

Professor and Principal Investigator at Institute for AI Industry Research of Tsinghua University
Class Introduction

This Master Class will introduce a fast-growing research area – Multimodal AI, and how it empowers people. Giving an overview of the field, mainly focusing on Vision-and-Language Multimodal Pre-training, and will introduce the concept of self-supervised learning, which is a key pillar in new-age machine learning. The trinity of Responsive, Responsible and Resilient AI will also be discussed along the course, for sustainable development goals. For real-world impact, by presenting the ongoing investments at Tsinghua AIR towards the industrialization of AI, and explain in detail how AI can help improve safety, efficiency and energy saving in the transportation industry.

Session III: How AI Changes Traditional Industries


Sophie Yao
Managing Director of Pegasus Tech Ventures China
Class Introduction

Nowadays the cost of labor are raising day by day, in the meanwhile the margin of the traditional industries are declining. This class will give you ideas on how AI can change traditional industries and the similarities and differences of AI development between US and China. As a sophisticated investor, Sophie will share her insights on how to turn your idea into a startup, and give you basic knowledge on fundraising steps for startups.

Quiz Time

Disclaimer: U&AI | AI for SDGs Youth Bootcamp (U&AI Camp)advocates for openness, inclusiveness, and respect for different voices and opinions. Master classes represent personal views only and the copyright of classes belong to the lecturers. U&AI Camp does not endorse any person, company or related products, services or activities.

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