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Before submission, here are some tips for your reference

About your team, please make sure:

  • Your team has no more than 10 members including the team leader


  • All members are under 35 years old

  • There is at least 1 female team member in your team

Submission Format

  • Please kindly submit proposals in PDF

  • Please name and submit as per: U&AI 2022_Team Name_Project Name

  • You can also submit additional documents, e.g., videos via a downloadable link for downloading

  • Please submit your proposal or any other related materials at before 11:59pm (GMT+8) 26th September, 2022

  • Files smaller than 20MB can be uploaded directly through the form. If you have files larger than 20MB, you can upload them to a 3rd party online storage site (e.g., google drive, wetransfer, baidu drive) and paste the link.

Suggested Proposal Outline:

  • Topic(s) your team will focus

  • Project Background:

   i) What is your motivation for this project?

   ii) Why did you initiate this project?

   iii) What problems would you like to solve?

   iv) How is your proposal related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

  • Solution:

   i)  A clear hypothesis for the proposed work and which AI technology(ies) is(are) used

   ii) Timeline for your project

   iii) Estimated resources your project needs (e.g., data resources, human resources, budget, and potential partners)

  • Feasibility and Risk Analysis

   i) Is your solution technically feasible?

   ii) Potential problems or risks and corresponding solutions (e.g., data safety, privacy, digital divide)

  • Team Information

   i) Team Leader’s information:  Name, Institutions, Degree/Major, Photo (optional)

   ii) Team Members information: Names, Institutions, Degree/Majors, Photos (optional)

   iii) Division of labor: The role each team member played

You can download U&AI Presentation Template for your reference (optional)

Scoring Criteria

  • Potential for SDG ImpactSDG Impact

    i) Is the proposal closely related to the SDGs?

    ii) Does the proposal target problem(s) that will impact a large group?

    iii) Will the proposal raise awareness of the SDGs for more people?

  • Level of creativity

     i)  Does the proposal identify new problems?

    ii) Does the proposal provide any breakthroughs or innovative insights for applying an existing technology?

  • Strength of feasibility analysis

     i) Is the solution theoretical or technically feasible?

     ii) Does the proposal clearly indicate resources including budget, partnership, data and human resources accessible for proposal?

     iii) Are the resources needed for the proposal accessible?

  • Robustness of risk assessment

i) Does the proposal clearly indicate potential risk?

     ii) Does the proposal indicate how to reduce risks?

  • Teamwork

      i) Does the team has reasonable and  division of labor.

Further Opportunity

We are glad to introduce the ‘Ingenuity Cup’.

To promote the development of AI engineering and the construction of industrial ecology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the People's Government of Shenzhen Municipality have taken the lead in organizing a national artificial intelligence innovation application comptetition between August-December 2022.

Interested participants can register at: http:

​​​​What To Expect Next:


  • Submission Deadline: 26th September

  • Early October: Shortlist Announcement

  • Mid October: Cross Pitching for Selected Teams

  • Later October: Semi-final Announcement

  • Early November: Facilitator Mentoring


  • November: Final Competition & AIAC Competition (Optional)


Before you submit your proposal, please ensure:

  • The submitted works shall conform to relevant laws, regulations and industrial policies, and shall not infringe others’ patent right, copyright, trademark right and other intellectual property right.


  • Participants shall ensure that their works are real, accurate and complete. The idea, technology and intellectual property rights of their works are reserved by the competition teams themselves.

  • Please feel free to add U&AI logo in your proposal, but please Do Not use logo of UNDP and I-AIIG.

Download U&AI 2022 Submission Guidebook 

Thank you for your interests. Though the proposal submission has been closed, U&AI Taskforce encourages you to watch Master Class under the "Master Class" Tab and practice your knowledge by taking quiz questions after class. There will a final test after all Master Class, and all questions will be taken from quiz questions. Once you pass the test, the Certificate will be awarded to you.

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