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Session I: The Prospect of Artificial Intelligence Regarding SDGs



Executive Director of the Chinese Institute for the New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Strategies

Course Introduction

This lecture will introduce the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. To implement the SDGs, science and technology are needed as a lever, while AI is the leading technology for the new scientific technological revolution. Some examples will be given to showcase how AI helps to achieve the SDGs, and the major technical bottlenecks and social concerns will also be pointed out, which might be the directions of further AI innovation to break through the technical bottlenecks and to implant human values, so that AI can be a powerful technological tool with human values for sustainable development.

Session II: AI Governance as Responsible and Sustainable Innovation for and by Gen Z-ers


Mark Findlay
Professorial Research Fellow, School of Law, Singapore Management University
Course Introduction

This course will guide you through the concept, practical implications of responsible and sustainable innovation and how good AI governance impacts future generations. The session will highlight the importance of inclusion of youth not only in the deployment of AI use cases, but more about principle design, equitable deployment and sustainable futures. Finally, the course will provide an overview of pressing universal concerns in terms of sustainability such as climate change and financial inclusion through digital finance, and we will aim to engage in a conversation about common ground in universal concerns for future generations.

Session III: Responsible AI: Deep Coordination on Sustainable Development and Governance


Professor at Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Course Introduction

This course will have a quick review on different visions for Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the global landscape, and analyze the current state of applying AI to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Professor ZENG Yi will focus on several cases to explain how responsible AI can really contribute to the realization of various SDGs. He will also point out limitations of current AI so that we can avoid negative side effects when AI is used to enable SDGs. Finally, professor ZENG Yi will discuss the relationship among human, AI, ecology and how they collectively form the sustainable symbiotic society.

Session IV: How AI transforms Healthcare, Medicine and the Pharmaceutical Industry


Christian Guttmann

Executive Director at the Nordic Artificial Intelligence Institute
Course Introduction

AI is a major force of transformation in the health care and medical sector. AI can make the delivery of care more safe and more efficient - helping doctors to reduce medical errors and to diagnose conditions better, and helping pharmaceutical companies to discover more efficient drugs quicker and personalise their use to an individual patient. In this course, you will learn the basic application areas of Artificial Intelligence in the Healthcare and Medical sector. You will learn an overview about the AI technologies as well as the basic applications in these area.

Quiz Time

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