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Who We Are

AI technologies are rapidly transforming our world, but there are concerns over how to balance their benefits and potential risks. These include the effect of AI technologies on individual privacy and inequality, as well as whether such technologies will lead to discrimination and new divides.   


As countries recover from COVID-19 and we look to the future of technology and innovation, the world will rely on the next generation to help answer the fundamental question: How can AI help us to build a better world? 


Organized by the Institute for AI International Governance (I-AIIG) of Tsinghua University, and supported by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), U&AI is an international platform for young talent from around the world. Participants will harness AI technologies to tackle real-world development challenges as they embark on a learning and co-creation journey. 

Why U&AI Stands Out?

U&AI is the world’s leading #AI4SDGs bootcamp for youth. 

1. Multi-stakeholder involvement: across fields, across countries 

Engaging diverse stakeholders including academia, private sector, media, and UN Agencies to provide publicly accessible online resources on an open-platform contributing to the global discussion on aI4SDGS.  

2. A worldwide community of the next-generation leaders Convening an international community of youth leaders in technology and innovation​ to exchange ideas, share lessons-learnt, and co-create solutions through a rigorous ideation and training experience facilitated by experts in various fields. 

3. Focusing EXCLUSIVELY on #AI4SDGs Solutions Proposing AI-based solutions for SDG achievement, participants engage with real-world issues and tackle global development challenges.


Building the world’s leading platform for Youth-led, innovative, scalable AI-based solutions to help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Accelerating breakthrough solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals by engaging young talent worldwide in the AI field, and providing the training and support needed to bring their most impactful ideas to life.

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