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Session I: Responsible AI And Sustainable Development


Professor of the School of Public Policy and Management, 
Vice Dean of the Institute for AI International Governance of Tsinghua University

Course Introduction:
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has rapidly emerged in a context in which sustainable development has been the throughout goal of the international community. While AI technologies may support in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), they may also have unanticipated consequences that will exacerbate inequalities and negatively impact individuals, societies, economies and the environment. To unlock AI’s potential to accelerate SDG achievement, while managing risks, it is important to understand what is AI governance, and how to establish a robust and responsible AI governance system.

Session II: Introduction to Sustainable Development Goals






Cissy Shen

Partnerships and Programme Coordination Specialist of UNDP Bangkok Regional Hub

Dinh-Long Pham

Youth Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation Consultant of UNDP Bangkok Regional Hub


Course Introduction:

The objectives of the courses are to raise awareness about the SDGs, to engage youth on these topics, to understand and explain the big picture around the SDGs, to identify which SDGs most resonate with you and are most relevant to you, and to explore how they can address SDGs challenges in you daily life or career.

Session III: AI and Sustainable Development 



Max Tegmark

Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Co-funder of Future of Life Institute 
Course Introduction:

AI has brought us opportunities to tackle problems in the real world. However, it also has brought us challenges. It is necessary to discuss how can we apply AI with justice and equality. The course will discuss how to build up the boundaries of AI technologies.

Quiz Time

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