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Vote For Your Topics

AI technologies could help tackle some of the world’s most important social, economic and environmental issues. This year, participants can choose from nine diverse tracks: healthcare, education, gender equality, vulnerable groups, SDG-finance, local public services, climate change, pollution and biodiversity. See below for more information on each track - and most importantly - vote for the track you find the most interesting. Share your passion for the SDGs! 

Why U&AI

  • Learn from World Leading Experts in AI

You will have the unprecedented opportunity to learn from the world’s leading experts in AI and SDGs by taking open online courses and engaging in interactive workshops. 

  • Work Together with Similarly Talented Youth

You will join a global community with similarly talented youth who are passionate about AI and SDGs. Together, you will discover these fields and collaboratively create a project that uses AI technologies to realize a more sustainable future. 

  • Share Your Vision with the World 

You will present your projects on a global platform and receive feedback from world leading AI professionals, capital investors, and UN Officers. You will have the opportunity to transform your imagination into reality. 


If you are:


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