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Welcome to U&AI|AI for SDGs Youth Bootcamp!

Dear Participants,

Thank you for registering for the U&AI|AI for SDGs Youth Bootcamp, organized by the Institute for AI International Governance of Tsinghua University and supported by UNDP China! You have now joined a global community of talented youth that are passionate about AI and Sustainable Development. Together, you will embark on a journey of discovery and co-creation!

Here is an overview of what you can look forward to in the following months:

Please note: the time line is tentative and might be adjusted.

July to August: Master Class will be held on a weekly basis. You may watch recordings of previous Master Class and participate in live courses and workshops which will be announced via email, official WeChat account of Tsinghua I-AIIG and UNDP China, and Slack Workplace.

Through Master Class, we hope you will learn more about AI governance, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), design thinking, and presentation skills from leading experts.

In addition, we will provide quizzes for you to practice after classes. Master Class is open to all participants and we warmly welcome everyone to join.

There will be a final test after all Master Class ends, and participants that are able to pass will receive a Certificate of Course Completion. All questions in the exam will be taken from quizzes, so quizzes do matter!

During the Master Class period, you are encouraged to choose your topic and start forming a team with other participants for the Proposal Competition. Please note that participants who would like to join the competition should be under the age of 35. With your team, you will co-create a proposal that uses AI technologies to advance sustainable development.

August to September: Initial proposals will be submitted and outstanding teams will be selected to take part in the semi-final competition. All teams who successfully submit proposals will get Certificates of Participation.

September to October: Each team that enters the semi-final competition will continue to refine their ideas and will receive tailored mentorship from industry experts to strengthen and polish their proposals.

October to November: After several months of learning and designing, teams will present their final proposals to a panel of expert judges and the winning teams will be selected!

November to December: Winning teams will have the opportunity to showcase their proposals at the Tsinghua University International AI Cooperation and Governance Forum 2022.

We are looking forward to spending this innovative and enlightening journey with all of you!

To find your teammates, you can either join our Slack Group or WeChat Group.

QR Code for Slack Group

QR Code For WeChat Group

In any case the QR codes are not displayed properly, please click following invitation link to join Slack group:

For WeChat group, please go to and find WeChat QR to join us.

Also, please feel free to scan QR code for I-AIIG WeChat Official Account and UNDP China WeChat Official Account to follow us for more information. You can find QR code at:

Let's make a more sustainable world together!


U&AI Taskforce

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