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How Human Intelligence and AI Shape Future? 

Dear Participants:

Welcome to the Master Class of Week Six!

To have a general idea of classes you are going to attend in the following several weeks, you can reach the Class Table at

Please note, the Class Table is tentative and will be adjusted.

For the week six, the classes are available for you to have deeper understanding of AI and entrepreneurs, AI and human intelligence, and ultimate mission of technology. All of them are recorded classes, so you can watch them at your own pace.

Please kindly find following background information for this week's classes.

Session I: AI Entrepreneurs Advancing the SDGs


Dominik Mate Kovacs

Chief Product Officer & Co-founder of Colossyan

Steven Adler

CEO & Founder of Ocean Data Alliance

LI Jiarui

Co-founder & CEO of Juzi Bot

Thomas Clozel Co-founder & CEO of OWKIN

Class Introduction:

Who are the disruptors using AI to tackle our pressing challenges? We’ve invited the leaders from four different companies to share their work and learnings. The Ocean Data Alliance is working with a global network of cities to develop comparative Smart Ocean City Action Plans that put open ocean data to work to fix the ocean and address the climate crisis. OWKIN uses federated learning technologies to accelerate medical research and connects hospitals with pharma to unveil medical insights. Defudger is developing a three layer detection system that is able to verify the authenticity of digital content to tackle misinformation online. Juzi Bot is a startup that provides smart marketing and sales services for clients in education, healthcare, insurance etc., on WeChat platforms.

Session II: Human Intelligence And Artificial Intelligence Coordinated Learning Symbiosis From A Healthcare Perspective


YU Zhong (John Yu) Founder & CEO of Meridian Medical Network Corp

Class Introduction:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) development and applications in recent years have been phenomenal in transforming many industries in the world. In particular, AI contributes not only developing the more cost-effective solutions for traditional businesses, but also enabling their transformation with innovative solutions never imagined before. The power of AI can optimize both the productivity and the relation of production by infusing a general learning mechanism for coordinated Human Intelligence (HI) learning and AI self-learning, thus forming a so-called HI and AI Learning Symbiosis (HALS), which we believe may stimulate the forming of a new paradigm of the technological and societal advancement for the 21st century. In this presentation, we will illustrate the fundamentals and the impact of the HALS mechanism through a healthcare AI system innovation and applications we developed for the healthcare industry.

Session III: Application-The Ultimate Mission of Technology


WEI Qing CTO of Microsoft China

Class Introduction:

In the past, knowledge was rare. Having knowledge means having the ability to surpass the ordinary. Today, we are in an era like open-book examination. There is abundant so-called "correct" knowledge, while the knowledge that is useful to you is the scarcest. Each of us has heard about new terms and concepts about technology from our social networks. But today, we might as well discuss which of these concepts are new? Which are useful? And what impacts they may have on the well-being of human society and, most importantly, how each of us is equipped with core strengths to survive and develop in this era of uncertainty.

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Don’t forget to take quiz after class! To have the Certificate of Course Completion, you need to pass the final test! All questions for final test will be taken from quizzes!

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Hope you enjoy! Don't forget to join us and find your teammates!

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Let's make a more sustainable world together!


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