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How AI Advances Inclusiveness And Justice?

Welcome to the Master Class of Week Four!

For the week four, the classes are available for you to have deeper understanding of AI and commercialization, AI and ethics, and how AI helps vulnerable groups. All of them are recorded classes, so you can watch them at your own pace.

Please kindly find following background information for this week's classes.

Session I: Ethical Opportunities and Challenges of AI


Christoph Lütge

Full Professor of Business Ethics of the Technical University of Munich

Class Introduction:

A recent survey in Germany has found that people would like to increasingly see AI deployed in a variety of application fields. While the opportunities and potentials of AI are undeniable, its ethical obstacles are still challenging and need to be considered in close relation to the developmental context, so as to limit barriers for the technology’s use. A major duty for ethics in AI therefore remains the development of tangible and applicable recommendations which can be directly used and integrated in AI systems.

Session II: AI Commercialization and Application: How AI Helps People in Need


Larry Li

Founder and Managing Partner at AMINO Capital

Class Introduction:

The class intends to provide solid instruction on how to convert technologies and ideas into real business and to help the public live better. Participants will learn about AI’s capabilities to shape the future by empowering traditional industries (i.e., financial industry) and stimulating innovation. Supported by his first-hand investment cases, Mr. Li will vividly show how leaders and true entrepreneurs can utilize artificial intelligence effectively and correctly to help people in need, such as banking the unbanked people, and to develop further under the trend of digitalization.

Session III:

1. Development-oriented Principle of Ethics in AI

2. Human-centric AI: AI Helps vulnerable groups



Dean of SenseTime Intelligent Industry Research Institute

Class Introduction:

There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence (AI) have been empowering various industries, and it is changing people’s lives. On the one hand, the paradigm is upgrading from “Compute” to “Cognition” in AI Era. On the other hand, AI Infrastructure is becoming the accelerators of scientific and technological innovation. As AI continues to rapidly evolve, it begs the new question of ethics without a clear concept. To solve this problem, SenseTime proposed a Development-Oriented Principle of Ethics In AI, including three fundamental principles: Sustainability, Human-centric and Controllable technology. In addition, Mr. TIAN Feng introduces cases of ALS intelligent nursing system, AI-driven remote consultation services and digital human share services for public services to illustrate how AI provides accessible and affordable services for vulnerable groups.

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For Master Class Week One, Week Two and Week Three, you can watch recordings by clicking "Enroll" under "Week One", "Week Two", and "Week Three".

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