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1. What are the requirements to join U&AI? Are there academic qualifications or school restrictions?  

Everyone is qualified to join U&AI and take the offered Online courses in AI and SDGs. No academic qualification is required. To compete in the AI4SDG proposal contest, every member must be under the age of 35, and every team must have at least one female member.  Please note, Masterclass is open to everyone. 

2. Are there any written exams or interviews? 

No written exams or interviews are required to join U&AI and take the online courses. In order to compete in the AI for SDG proposal contest, every team must hand in an initial project proposal in September. 

3.Can U&AI Master Class  be taken online? Can you compete in the AI4SDG proposal contest online? 

Yes, U&AI is a fully online and global platform. Many of our lecturers and judges are international fellows. All courses will be streamed online. Students will also have regular opportunities to interact with the lecturers through Q&A sessions at the end of each class or interactive workshop sessions.  

4.Will there be internship or recruitment opportunities provided

Our private sector partners are thrilled to connect with talented youth today. Some of our private sector partners offer internship opportunities to finalists in the AI4SDG proposal contest. You have many opportunities to demonstrate your talents and expertise during U&AI for recruiters to discover you.  

5.Are there requirements for teams?  

There are three mandatory requirements all teams must meet: 

  • All team members must be under 35 years old 

  • All teams must have one or more female participant(s) 

  • All teams can have no more than 10 members 

While not mandatory, we strongly encourage teams to include members from different countries, races, genders, fields of study, and areas of interest.  

6.How do I find teammates to compete?

There are three ways to find teammates: 

  1. Join U&AI Slack Workspace to get firsthand information and interact with other participants.

  2. Join WeChat group via the QR code  to get firsthand information and interact with other participants. Please kindly find WeChat QR Code and Slack Group QR Code.






   3. Form a team with someone you already know. 

wechat group.png
WeChat Group 
Slack Group 

7.What should I do after I find my teammates?

You can start brainstorming ideas with your teammates about how best to form a proposal that uses AI technologies to promote sustainable development. Your proposal must be aligned with one of the eight tracks displayed above. More details on how to write an effective proposal will be available online shortly. 

8.Do I need to register my team? 

You DO NOT register as a team on the U&AI Website. Once you have formed a team, feel free to use any third-party platforms to communicate. One person from each team is responsible for submitting the proposal. When submitting your proposal, you will submit your teammates’ names to indicate that you are a team. 

9. How to follow us on WeChat

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I-AIIG WeChat Account
UNDP China WeChat Account

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